The main difficulty in writing essay

In the process of learning, students are often faced with the need to write an essay, which is a short essay writing of arbitrary form, reflecting the opinion of the author on a particular issue. At the same time, the main difficulty of writing it lies precisely in limiting its scope, since, in most cases, the topics for an essay are fairly generalized, and the scope is limited.

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Of course, there is a service “write my essay in 2 hours”. It’s realistic to complete paper in two hours, but the cost of three to five pages of this text in the short term and very high non-standard can rise quite high. There are even so tricky topics that you can’t even write them quickly for all your money if you wish. The complexity and theme of the composition also affects its value. Whether it is an essay on a picture or on any work, it is clear that an essay for a student and for a literary university student will differ from each other in the level of writing and price.